Powerful Features To Help You Grow

The features designed specially for quick and easy launch of your online academy. We support you to achieve the scale you deserve.

Key Features

We want you to have a hasslefree experience while you launch your academy.

Get support throughout your academy launching journey

We honour your time and resources. Keep your worries related to technical support away because we deliver ease-of-building-an-academy experience.
Don't worry about technology expertise required to set up your online academy.
  • Register yourself on Academical.ly
  • Set academy name, URL and few details
  • Choose available designs and colors
  • Upload your content on the academy
  • You are ready to go

Upload your content quickly or add from available content

Don't worry about upload speed or any other upload issues. We let you upload from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.
  • One-Click Upload
  • Upload from anywhere, Drive, Dropbox, local computers etc
  • Add prior-made content available with you
  • Set your own price

Sell immediately. No approval or waiting period required

You can start selling as soon as you add or upload your course content or any other learning material.
  • Choose from the pricing plans
  • Razorpay & Paypal Available
  • Stripe India & Stripe US available

Scale up with SEO friendly academy & Multi-Academy Network (MAN)

Get started and scale up your revenue. Every month, make a million bucks with the help of our SEO as well as Google friendly academy that comes with a super fast academy website, thereby giving you a chance to partner with multiple academies with just one click.
  • Super SEO friendly
  • Amazing upload time for quicker sale
  • Distribute your courses with Multi-Academy Network (MAN)
  • Control your distribution & partnering terms

Check how easy & quick it is to start your own academy

You can create the academy in a few minutes. Not much work required.

Remarkable Features

The best features to assist you in creating online content for audiences worldwide—faster and smoother.

Design Your Academy

Academically is responsible for the successful launch of your academy. This is why we take care of the most trending, minimalistic and state-of-the-art designing templates for an immaculate content creation/publication/broadcast/delivery.

One-Click Destination

The knowledge platform of Academically is one stop medium that lets you have your content creation and business journey progress with minimum hassles. For your business goals, you start with just one click.

Quick Setup And Customization

Seamless technology support is our commitment. We want you to have a fast and easily-made setup for yourself. Customize at your convenience so that perfect content is ready for some online academic learning business.

Take Charge Of Your Content And Payment

You’re the sole owner of your content, data and pricing, because it’s your academy. Take full control of your online content business with much needed flexibility and freedom. You decide on membership, on selling, on collaborating, and you earn.

Create And Connect

An academy of your own gives you optimal choices to not only create and have your online content business but also to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Your business in collaboration with other astounding businesses can have fruitful benefits you can’t imagine.

Market And Sell

Enhance your online presence by exceeding your marketing goals and thereby making great sales of your online content business. All of this can be achieved through the unparalleled support of our team of experts.

Customers Say

Some of the distinguished teachers, academicians, trainers have launched their academies with academical.ly and are loving the whole academic learning experience. Check out what they have to say.
“Loved it. So fast & easy to use. My students love it too. Able to accelerate my sales from 10k to 100k in one month.”
Vikash Kumar - Blockchain Expert
“Multi Academy Network is a powerful innovation helped me in serving more content to my students than what I had.”
Monica Sharma - Photography
“Democratizing the academic & learning content is the most important thing in current time. Education needs to be accessible & reachable. Congrats to the team for this mission.”
Himanshu - Developer

Academical.ly In Use

Checkout some of the awesome academies setup on Academical.ly by awesome academicians & subject matter experts like you. Best part is they make money when they sleep. Do you?

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