Ways to create high end quality course content with limited resources

Mar 08, 2021

Content is king in the digital world. No matter how much you advertise an online course and make it attractive, your reviews will be majorly dependent on how easily you can make your audience understand your point. With the avalanche of content being created daily, creating 'high quality course content' is the only way to stand out from the content noise. However, the meaning of the terms has evolved with the evolving times. Gone are the days when the length of the work determined its quality.

The primary concern for many content marketers is the inability to produce content that customers demand. According to a report by Curata, there is a lack of resources to create high quality content. If you are starting and have a limited budget along with multiple responsibilities, this article is for you. When you put your money where your mouth is and decide to create your online course, refer to these ways to sell high quality course content online.

Understand your audience

Your audience is your students as well as your customers. It would help if you researched what they want to learn, how they want to learn and what obstacles they had faced on any other online course platform. Keep yourself updated with the developments in your field of experience and keep adding that to your course as per audience’s demand .

Quality over Quantity

Content creation is time consuming and especially when the aim is to stand out. One way is to keep your short yet informative. Rather than focusing on spending on production, spend on editing and deliver crisp content. Creativity is a massive part of the quality, and creative content performs better with any audience. Put your point across with memes, GIFs and footage for stills. All of them can be easily found online and further reduces your production cost and time.

Personal touch

There is much information available on the internet. People are looking for a course on an online academy because they certainly can't grasp it just by reading. While creating, you have to make it interactive and draw from your experiences. Add a pinch of your perspective, and you are good to go.

Short on resources? Don't fret!

It doesn't matter if you have the best videographer or the most popping animation; your USP is your unique perspective. This is the most significant resource you can tap into.

If you are co-creating, then all the team members' opinion is equally valuable and would help you get the best out of waste (waste here refers to upcycling and recycling your previous work). With diverse views and community feedback, you can improve inevitably. Even if you don't have a team of people working, the internet makes everything easy. Digital leaders today are using something called crowdsourced content, which is user-generated content. Crowdsourcing has multiple benefits, such as overcoming the content production hurdle, authenticity and higher conversions.

Consider you have an excellent course ready. Now, it's time to market it and make money because that's the target, right?

Save money by harnessing the power of influencers. Rather than paying for Google Ads and SEO, approach social media influencers who can advertise your content to a broader audience at a price less than what it would cost you to do it yourself

If you want your course to reach a particular group of people, team up with an event such as hackathon and the winners of the competition, take your course home and you get free publicity!

Here's an example on how can you upcycle your content:

If you have a course on Data Science, it can include the basics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. A course on Machine Learning can go into the depths of it and touch on Deep Learning topics. Similarly, a course on Deep Learning will require you to add to the already covered topics in the previous two courses. This way, you have three profitable courses, and you are not sacrificing quality but just playing smart.

The winning combination

There's a lot that can be done with less, and you would never know till you start. As there is much average content already available online, high quality course content is needed in every field. To host and market your course, you need a software like Academical.ly. This revolutionary platform allows you to create your own online academy from scratch with just a few clicks. Short on resources? Try it out today.

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Ways to create high end quality course content with limited resources

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