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Mar 17, 2021

The pandemic has put us all in a fix. The future seems uncouth and uncertain. The restoration of normality in lives seems like a pipe dream. It has made us realize the importance of fitness and well being. People stopped going to gyms and yoga centres and focused on in-home training. As a trainer, will you be able to go back to teaching yoga in a studio again? If yes, then when? Will your students be able to attend your classes again? If yes, then when? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer to this 'When'. But until then what you can do is teach yoga online​. You can build your own ​yoga​ online academy and infuse consolation into the lives of the people in these torrid​ times.

According to a survey, there are over 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide and 72% of yoga practitioners are women. It's your turn to rise up to the occasion and become a yoga online teacher!

Tips to record online Yoga classes and move to online teaching:

Choose a Niche

The first step is to interact with your audience and sort out their needs. Categorize the yoga movements or exercises that are most in-demand. Choosing a niche will help you to direct your focus on one specialised thing at one time. This will, in turn, make your online yoga session goal-oriented defining the objectives of a particular session.

Focus on background

It is no doubt that the main focus of your online yoga session should be the yoga exercises you are teaching. But, the visual presentation is crucial as well. Don’t you feel attracted to watch videos that have good background along with lighting and a pleasant setup?

It’s all about targeting human psychology. You can record your classes in a garden area or terrace. Try to record your lessons in daylight or early morning. This will give your yoga sessions a touch of ethnicity.

Audio Video

You will require audio-video recording equipment. Make sure to get a mic and a camera that has good picture resolution and recording quality.

A high-resolution video with clear sound will enhance your online yoga sessions. While recording, make sure you set the camera angle in such a way that your Yoga poses are clearly visible.

Endorse Your Course

Once you have decided to start your online yoga classes, you will need to tell people about it. The marketing of your course is the most important part. This is how people will come to know about your classes.

You can endorse your yoga classes amongst your family members, friends, community, and social media platforms. While marketing your course, always ensure that you mention what is special about your course compared to others.

Course Duration

In online courses, especially yoga classes, it is important that you set a duration for the class. This will give you the idea to plan each exercise accordingly.

It is recommended to keep your yoga classes neither too long, nor too short. It should be informative, clear and brief.

Set a Pricing

You can set the pricing of your yoga classes as per your expertise level and class duration. Some yoga instructors also give free demo classes or keep their first 2 classes free. This is to help the audience try and decide which course suits them best.

Upload Online

Once you are set with everything required to start your online yoga classes, choose which online platform you wish to upload your course.

You can either build your dedicated yoga website and upload your yoga classes, or use other online course platforms. These online platforms are made especially for instructors and tutors to upload and endorse their courses.

You set pricing, market your yoga courses and target your audience better through these online course platforms. The best thing about these platforms is that most of them allow you to upload your courses online for free.

Follow the aforementioned steps to create your ​yoga online academy​, and if you, the ​yoga online teacher​ are wondering how you should market your class; leave that to Academical.ly - an online course platform to host your courses, teach online, and monetize your expertise through online training.

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Ulitmate Guide - Teach Yoga Online

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