Most Known Ebook Creator Tools

Mar 13, 2021

If you are teaching online or want to add more value to your online course, writing an eBook is the way to go. The consumption of online content is soaring as compared to traditional methods. Starting from parchment rolls and papers to eBooks, books have transformed from their humble origins. Classic books were made out by cutting trees. On the other hand, eBooks are made in a much gentle manner.

When you have your manuscript ready, the only thing you need to sell Ebook is a good eBook creation software. If you are venturing into the eBook space, developing one might feel like a harrowing task, but with the right eBook tools, the job can be done efficiently. Writing and creating a manuscript is admittedly a tedious task. So before you publish your work on an online course platform or use your material to teach online, you need to consolidate it with illustrations or whatever you think is required. This article lists down the most known Ebook tools being used by creators worldwide to make this easy. Before diving in, let’s look at the different ebook formats that might affect your ebook creation software choice.

Ebook formats

You can choose from the following three types:

ePublication: Most formatting software is compatible with this file type, and thus, it has become the golden standard for e-readers like Google Books, Apple Books, and Amazon Kindle.

Portable Document Format: Most mobiles and computers can easily read a PDF file, making it the most common ebook format today. Formatting your Ebook into a PDF is a wise decision as its deliverability becomes smooth.

Mobipocket Reader: Amazon is dominating the eBook arena, and this format is for Amazon’s Kindle Reader. Although Mobipocket has a broad audience reach, yet it restricts your distribution options.

Let’s have a look at some popular Ebook tools.


It is an interactive eBook creator where you can create as well as publish DRM-protected content. The tool is cloud-based and secures your content from piracy and online theft. Want to make your Ebook from scratch? You can. Want to convert your digital manuscript into an ePublication file? You can do that too. Add interactive features such as images, audio, video, and more to engage your readers using Kitaboo. The content created is accessible on all major Operating systems and device agnostic.


Going by its name, this is one of the ebook tools that allows you to give a flipping book effect when you turn the page in your Ebook. This gives the feel of a traditional book, and apart from this, you can add many multimedia elements. The best part is you can convert your PDFs into a suitable eReader file. This software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.


An easy-to-use online tool that only requires you to sign up before making your eBook. You can easily import your file and paste chapters utilizing this software and adding audio, image, and video files. There is a list of display templates to help select your page’s look, and the eBook can be exported to various formats. Download the file and sell Ebook through third-party distributors.

Notion press

An online tool with easy to operate interface that allows you to create eBooks from scratch. Select the page layout and design the cover page. They also have a price calculation tool to help you set a price for your Ebook, and it also lets your track your earning. Plus, they have their bookstore!


An easily customizable eBook creator which offers multiple templates to choose from. Visme allows inserting content into text boxes and gives complete control over layout and images. You can also use colors and formats that resonate with your brand. Download the Ebook as PDF and share or sell online.

Factors to decide on the best ebook tools for you to sell online

While publishing your Ebook, you need to weigh on a few metrics to decide on the best ebook tools for you. The top 3 are:

  1. Operating System: Windows, Mac, or Linux- you need to ensure your software is compatible with your system
  2. User Level: Your experience in word processing determines the choice, and the time you are willing to learn how to use a new tool.
  3. Cost: Major factor. You should be able to afford to publish before you sell an eBook.

Use the tools mentioned above to create your eBook, and if you are wondering where you should market it? Leave that on online course platform to host your courses, teach online, and sell Ebook by promoting it through your course.

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