Most dominating topics in the online course industry since COVID-19

Apr 01, 2021

There has been a massive shift in the education industry in the 21st century concerning the rapidly advancing technological improvements. Almost every day, something new shows up.

From using interactive whiteboards for classrooms to the implementation of virtual reality headsets for college students. You can see it everywhere.

The industry saw a never-before-seen enormous boost in the spread of e-learning courses all over the internet ever since the pandemic hit the world.

What does the future hold for online courses?

According to a 2018 study conducted by Guide2Research, around 35.3% of students in the United States are taking distance learning courses, which more than quadrupled in 2021.

It followed a staggering 31.8% and 33.5% of U.S. student shares in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The study also showed that because of their employers’ demand, out of every 100 educational institutions, 72 offer new online courses every year.

It is evident from the figures that online courses are not only here to stay but are here for huge revenues and gains.

But some courses have seen more traction than others.

Here is a list of the most dominating topics in the growing online course industry since COVID-19:

1.Machine Learning

Machine learning tops our list of the most dominating online course industry. It has been one of the most in-demand courses for many years in a row. It's on the tongue of every student. It’s so popular because it's very cool and young people like cool things.

Machine Learning gives you a system that can improve and learn automatically from past experiences.

Isn’t that so cool?

Machine Learning revolves around data and is focused on the development of computer programs that can intelligently interact with data using unique algorithms.

2. The Science of Well Being

This course was first published in the spring of 2018 concerning the students' rising depression, anxiety, and stress levels. It was named the “Psychology of the good life.”

Over time it became the most popular course in Yale’s history and got the attention of many famous national and international media houses. In fact, this course is so good that we recommend you to give it a try as well.

A fit mind results in a healthy body and is the most critical asset in anyone’s life. And you must never take it for granted as you never know what might happen.

3. Cryptography

This one might come as a surprise to most, but cryptography courses are in very high demand right now. And with COVID-19, more people are working from their homes than ever before. It has become super popular.

Because it is all about the protection of data.

With so much online activity going on the internet in this post-pandemic, everyone must know the best cybersecurity practices. Students from all over the world are joining cryptography courses.

With all that being said, how do you launch an e-learning platform of your own?

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Wrapping it up

And that was it! That’s pretty much all that you need to know about the most dominating topics in the online course industry, and know you’re more than ready to get started with teaching online!

Don’t miss the opportunity that’s knocking on your door. Give yourself a chance and help the community by giving back. After all, everything you know today comes from somebody else.

If you found this article helpful, then feel free to share it with your colleagues, friends, and family members and empower them with the power of e-learning.

Pradeep General


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Most dominating topics in the online course industry since COVID-19

There has been a massive shift in the education...

Apr 01, 2021