Make money in this EdTech Boom via Teaching

Nov 27, 2020

The EdTech sector (which includes higher education, technical skills courses, and primary education) is heading for 8x to 10x growth in the next 60 months (5 years), from an approximate size of $700 million today. About why? The emergence of a pandemic that brought with it the lockdown of most institutions, including schools, colleges, and educational institutions, was attributed to the massive acceptance of online education.

EdTech, which before Covid-19 was already experiencing a healthy double-digit, year-on-year rise, suddenly got a massive boost with investment inflow, acquisition, offer an upgrade, and more players are rapidly shifting and adding students thanks to one of the lowest Internet data charges.

Innovations in online education that turned it into a profitable business.

Deep Learning

Deep learning, which derives from the origin of Artificial Intelligence, copies the functioning of the human brain to interpret data and understand patterns. To make choices, these patterns can then be used. 'iSchoolConnect' is a platform based in Mumbai that helps the education sector by facilitating the college search and application process. The platform matches students to the course they are searching for by using predictive modeling by using deep learning techniques. It also provides a single interface for learners to send their applications from one location to multiple universities.

Resources For Artificial Intelligence

Not many sectors have ignored the value that AI can bring to their functioning, and EdTech has also leveraged AI use. Created by Akshay Chaturvedi,' Leverage Edu' is a career advice platform that uses AI to tutor students on their career paths. The tool allows them to get feedback on college applications and recommends programs to polish their abilities.

Enrolling on this platform would mean that their consultancy would take care of everything from your admission to your work. Information is also given on accommodation and educational loans for students wishing to study abroad.

Virtual Reality

When students access the core concepts of a topic through virtual reality, they are more likely to understand the topic better. For instance,' Smartivity' focuses on STEM services (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) courses by enabling students through the experience of Virtual Reality to experience the basic concepts of physics. You can discover so much outside the boundaries of your classroom through virtual reality.

Youtube to Spread Knowledge

Some platforms are common for providing entertainment content. There are higher chances of moving to learn on this platform when a consumer stumbles upon educational material on the same platform. For instance, Youtube, a video streaming website, has many pages dedicated to insightful and informative videos. And they've got a large number of followers too. Your audience will find you if your subject is essential. One such platform that started offering Youtube lessons before it became a full-fledged platform for education is Unacademy. This platform's highest selling point is that it delves into various courses in various languages and publishes videos.

When we imagine future education, classes will be attended without attending classes that come into play with VR and AR. What will pave the way forward for edtech is much broader access to educational content, a variety of teaching techniques, and many channel options made possible with technology. is one such platform to establish your online education and turn it into a profitable business. In a few taps, this network of academies gives you a chance to connect with everyone you love. We are the facilitators of the resources and technologies you need for a smooth backend. Your contracts, commission, payouts, delivery, lawsuits, copyright issues, and other problems will be taken care of academically.

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Make money in this EdTech Boom via Teaching

The EdTech sector (which includes higher educat...

Nov 27, 2020