How to Teach Social Media Marketing Online

What is a social media marketing course? Here are the ways to guide you to build an efficient online course and teach your students. Learn More Jun 29, 2021

What is a social media marketing course? Many people still ask this question as careers in social media marketing haven't got much recognition yet. However, with the occurrence of the pandemic, online course platforms, and social media platforms have gained much popularity. An increased user base of these platforms gave opportunities to social media experts to turn their expertise into a course. Hence, today we have access to the best social media marketing courses online.

People can find many platforms that offer online social media marketing courses with certificates. However, If you have a good knowledge of social media and want to create an online course to share your skills, then this article is for you.

Teaching an online social media marketing course doesn't have to be a daunting task. This article will give you loads of ideas regarding the ways you can structure your course and be updated with the ever-evolving social media industry:

  • Teach basic concepts and principles of social media

Without the knowledge of core principles, students won't be able to fully understand the concept of social media, the importance of its etiquette, communication, and research skills. Although social media platforms will constantly be evolving, basic principles will always stay the same. Teach your students about the fundamentals of how an online business should act on social media.

  • Analyze real-world use cases

Students grasp information faster when they are taught using a real-world case regarding any subject. Your students will learn to develop decision-making, problem-solving, data-driven skills, and peer interactions. You can use any good digital courseware provider to get multiple real-world cases that will help you to collect all the relevant information that you can use in your class. In addition, you can share news articles in relation to trending business posts on social media.

  • Make use of Social Media Marketing Simulator

Introduce social media marketing simulators in your class to enable students to perform exercises to help them develop their social media marketing skills. These simulators provide a user-friendly interface where students can efficiently learn internet marketing standards throughout your teachings.

  • Involve students in creating regular Social Media content

Students learn in a better way by practicing. Urge your students to build their online presence on any of the social media platforms according to their future career choice. This strategy will compel them to check up on how their online presence is perceived among their social media audience and what they can do to build their voice on their platform. Ask them to write an engaging article, create videos etc.

  • Examine prime Social Media Trends

Ask your students to keep an eye on the recent updates and changes in the regulations of social media platforms. Have your students make notes on their observations and prepare a report for the class discussion. This way, you'll help them to notice minute details of the changing nature of social media.

For keeping yourself updated, You can use certain websites or blogs that lay out the information about current Social Media Trends. As a busy online instructor, spending a huge amount of time on social media might not be an option for you. Therefore, taking the help of blogs and websites is a much better way for you to catch up on recent social media trends. You can find numerous such blogs on the web that keep the public updated about social happenings. Another way to keep yourself updated is by following social media experts online, such as on Twitter and FB.

  • Introduce students to different Social Media platforms and Tools

Choose specific social media marketing tools and platforms that your students must know how to use. Introduce each tool or platform once at a time to make your students familiar with the functionalities of each of them. This is an essential aspect of your online teaching, as these tools will be beneficial for your student's future careers.

Here are some tools/platforms that you can include in your online course:

  • Hootsuite

  • Buffer

  • CoSchedule

  • HubSpot

  • SocialFlow

  • Facilitate Class Competitions

You can facilitate classroom competitions; this will enable your students to test their skills and the learnings you have taught them in your course. This will help them develop confidence. Some ideas for classroom competitions are:

  • Make groups of students and ask them to create a Youtube video and see which group gets the most views.

  • Ask students to create some engaging content for Twitter and see who is getting the most retweets.

  • Students can also write blog posts, and whoever's blog post gets the most comments wins the competition.

That's all! Now that you have learned all the essential tips to be a great social media instructor, you just have to download robust software for virtual class and start working on developing your online course for social media marketing.

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What is a social media marketing course? Here are the ways to guide you to build an efficient online course and teach your students. Learn More

How to Teach Social Media Marketing Online

What is a social media marketing course? Many p...

Jun 29, 2021