How to teach Music Online?

Apr 14, 2021

If you are a man of culture with a strong musical knowledge, why not consider sharing it with the world? Yes, you might be thinking how is that possible, and that is exactly what we are here to help you with. By reading this article, you will be able to teach music online by creating your own online music academy.

We all know that everything has its own pros and cons. In recent times , it became difficult for many to earn their living but in the same way it brought many opportunities for people especially teenagers to earn money online.

Is it Really Worth It?

Getting started with an online music academy might look like a challenge but

~Muhammad Ali

Keeping faith in oneself is the best start one can give himself in the journey of achieving something. If you think you have the required knowledge and prowess, you can make a successful online music course. All you need is to keep focused and plan strategically to establish and grow your online music academy.

Technology can change the way we learn and teach. It can bring opportunities for both teachers and learners. It also enables you to make your own online music courses.

Steps to setup an successful music e-learning academy:

Now coming to the main part, how to create an online music academy. Well, frankly speaking, making a successful online academy depends upon the quality of the course and your hard work for making it worth it. But some of our tips or hacks can enhance and bring you more close to the success of your online business.

Discover Niche Where Your Skills Can Make a Difference:

Teaching is an art, and simply teaching anything will not bring you success in any way. It takes patience and hard-work to set up a good online music academy. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed as a new online teacher. But, before getting into the hard part, understand your passion in music. As you might know, music is diverse and you can't start an online course which doesn't have a targeted audience. Below are some of the popular niches you can choose from:

. Vocal Coach

2 Classical Singing

3 .Guitar Lessons

4 Post production

5 Music Composer

So, you will have to choose a particular type of niche which you will [teach online]. It can be anything, an instrument, a type of music production, etc. It's best to create a course that’s designed for a specific type of musician.

Getting the Right Equipments:

Learning music is not as hard as teaching it, especially online. If you want to start an authentic online music academy start by making a list of instruments you will need apart from the recording tools. Make sure you select the right instruments that you might require in teaching a particular lesson.

If you are starting a Guitar Class you will need the following equipments: The required Guitar which you will use for giving lessons.

  • A good quality Mic that will catch the sounds from your instrument.
  • A decent Computer with recording and editing functionality.
  • If you are teaching how to play an electric guitar, you should have it with you during the recording sessions.

SImilarly, if you are teaching about music composing, you should have all the basic tools necessary..

Once you have all the music goodies ready, let's come to the equipment you need for recording your videos.

  • You will be needing a camera to record your sessions
  • A good quality mic is a must for recording music. Good because you're recording music and it requires a mic that can grasp the depth of sound
  • Having a good mic will save you from post processing hassle.

Recording and Post Processing

Once you have everything ready, now all you have to do is record the lessons. Make sure you make a proper recording list and design your course accordingly. Try to cover all the important things in detail. In case you are teaching students how to play a particular instrument, you can also include video clips of you playing that instrument. Once you have recorded everything you will have to post-process the video and check whether all the audio samples are correctly recorded or not.

Deploy the Course Online to Reach Audience:

You have many online platforms to deploy your online music academy. You have two options. You can choose to make a website and start from point zero. The other option is to use a good established online platform with a substantial audience. Choosing an established website like can help you get more enrollments for your online music course. They offer many good features and guide you through the process of creating a scalable online music academy.

Make the Course More Interactive and Fun :

A course with just a sequence of numerous videos will not get you a concurring audience. You need to make the content more interactive and fun for the students. This can be done via interactive one-on-one sessions. You can also conduct contests among your viewers or assign them with competitive practice goals which can be compared after every course video.

Online Music Academy Marketing Tips:

Performing active marketing can improve the overall results of your online music academy. You can endorse your course to social media platforms where you can market a small video of you playing the music as a promotional ad to targeted audiences. You can also choose paid marketing mediums like google ads or Facebook ads to gain extra promotion.


Online courses present a great opportunity for musicians to generate income from their passion. I know it sounds a little intimidating to create an online course, but we’ve seen people like you take their business from zero to full-time income following the steps above. That concludes our guide to start on how to start your online music academy. But, we have a bonus tip for you.

“” , a leading e-learning platform that allows everyone, from creative individuals to established organizations, to easily create, sell, and manage their own professional online courses.

In case you want a platform that offers you with the best options, is our recommended place to go.

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How to teach Music Online?

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