How to teach different languages online?

Mar 24, 2021

We are living in an era where everything is digitalized. Online academies are flourishing like never before. It is surprising how you can find courses and lessons on almost everything online.

Similarly, an online language academy gives opportunities to people who love learning new languages. Today it's not just about knowing your mother language and English. Even foreign languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean are pretty popular and very useful these days.

Learning a new language will help you enhance your resume and present you as a preferred candidate when applying for jobs in other countries. Language tutors are very sceptical about starting their online language courses. They have doubts like whether it will have the same effect on the audience or not. Mostly they are unsure how to start teaching language online in the first place.

Here we have compiled brief yet significant points on how to teach online different languages.

"How to establish your own Online Language Academy"

Now you can persuade people to learn languages online by starting your online language academy. Though it's different to teach online as compared to class teaching, it's not impossible.

It's pretty simple to teach languages online. All you have to do is keep in focus a few essential pointers before launching your online course.

Teaching Materials

The first thing you need to sort out before starting online language courses in the teaching materials of that particular course. The teaching material is the most important part as your whole online lesson will be based on that.

You must ensure the quality and authenticity of the teaching material. You are going to use these materials to write down the script of your video lesson. Also, nowadays, tutors provide notes to students in pdf format. To gain popularity and make a practical language course, you will have to arrange or create excellent quality materials. You must pay attention to these sections when teaching a language online.

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

Each of these skill areas is crucial for perfecting a language. Students will consider your course practical when you train to speak, read, listen and write in that particular language.

Any of these skills ignored while teaching the language counts as a failure to create a compelling language course online.

  • To develop the listening skill, you can include in your study material podcasts, videos, music, interviews, news, movies in that particular language. You can screen-share the videos and let your student understand the language by listening to it. The best thing about it is that you can simultaneously ask him what he understood and correct him on the spot.

  • For reading skill development, you can ask your students to read books, novels, or online articles in that language. You can yourself compile a reading list consisting of good articles, books, or journals online. Then you can share these with your student and ask them to read these materials.

  • The students' speaking skills will only improve when you devote some time to your language courses, especially for this skill. During the speaking lesson, you can discuss a particular topic with your student. This encourages them to speak without any fear of mistakes. The speaking lessons should instil confidence in your students.

  • The writing part is the trickiest part of language teaching. You can prepare a presentation for each grammar topic. It is recommended that you keep the presentation concise and to the point. One presentation should focus only on one topic. If the topic is lengthy, then it's better that you break it into smaller segments. For this skill, you will also have to include writing exercises for your students to practice.

Choose a Platform

Once you have your study materials ready, you will need a platform to upload your course. You can either have your website or can choose from various online course platforms. Both of these options have their own merits.

Your website can help you to build your brand name. On the other hand, on the online course platforms, you already have an audience. All you need is to upload quality courses that target your audience.


The right set of audio and video equipment is required to record the classes. You should always ensure that you record your courses in the proper light and with a high-resolution camera.

Visuals are very important when presenting a course online to the audience.

Set Your Pricing

The pricing for your course depends on the language you are teaching, the length of the video lessons, and the materials you provide to the students. Another major factor that affects pricing is the popularity of the tutor.

A popular tutor has the advantage of selling his courses on the basis of the brand name he has made. Your brand name is recognized once you start to receive positive reviews and gain popularity among students.


Online language academy is a trend these days. If you are a language tutor or someone proficient in many languages, then it's your chance to shine by starting your language courses online. provides you with the best platform to upload, market and launch your language courses online. The best thing about it is that it's a free platform to introduce your courses to the right audience.

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