How to teach baking cources online- Everything you need to know

Mar 18, 2021

If you’ve spent your lockdown days in the kitchen, baking, cooking, and garnishing food items, then congratulations! you have done yourself a favor. Baking classes are in trend right now and a number of people have been hogging online course platforms​ for​ baking classes. Apparently, they haven't been able to kill their time either.

Things to keep in mind before creating your own Online baking academy​

1. The format of your classes - I don't see '1 V 1' interactions, in any way proving​ beneficial in baking classes. The students have to take note of your actions and manner, your flick of wrists and dexterous twists of pans and spatula. It's rational if you stage a class for a bunch of students simultaneously.

Hold sessions at the end of the class or between the culinary adventure to make space for questions. Students will always be curious about the sort of flour, nourishments and oils you use. It's human nature. You can either make it a part of your curriculum or you can render the information to them when prodded by a question. By publicizing your services on an Online course platform​, you make it easier for people to access your​ classes.

2.The payment method - Make up your mind about whether you want to get paid or​ not.

If you're offering classes for free, you need not worry about the management of finances that goes on behind the scenes.

If you want to get paid but don't want to give it the stringent title of 'fees', you can ask for donations. Students can pay what they want, if and when they want. Use applications like GPay or Paytm for this purpose. If you want to get formally paid for your services you can use online course platforms that teach baking online such as​. After all you are extracting time from your daily schedule to provide your documented dissertations on baking. You are entitled to a reasonable amount of payment.

3. Assemble your own set-up - Get an idea about how to stage your kitchen for your​ online baking Academy.​ You have seen all popular cooking shows on daytime television. Place your tripod stand, hoist your camera and portrait the entire landscape of your kitchen you'll be projecting to your audience.

See to it that the kitchen is well-lit up so that your movements are easily visible. You might need someone to handle the cameras for you. You can get a member of your family into helping you out or hire a professional camera person for that matter.

4.Organize a schedule - One of the key elements in ​teaching baking online​, make​ sure you have a schedule for your classes. Don't just randomly put in lectures. Students should be informed in advance about the timeframes they're signing up for. This will make it easier for them to plan their daily and weekly activities. You don't want them to miss their class, do you?

5.Be interactive and cheerful- There's a certain need to exuberate cheer in your​ behavior. If your effervescence rubs on your audience, then they'll enjoy the baking process as much as you.

Don't walk around with a sullen face. Don't throw up your hands in the air time and again. Garnish the audience with affection and care as you would do to a cake. You're the performer they have come to see. Try to add a pinch of salt and hue to your cooking show. Try exploring other baking courses online before starting yours and use them as a template.​

Students who opt to learn baking online​ don't often come with loads of expectations​, but they want to get the worth of their money.

Follow the aforementioned 5 steps to create your Online baking Academy​, and in case​ you are wondering how you should market your class? Leave that to - an online course platform to host your courses, teach online, and monetize your expertise through online training.

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How to teach baking cources online- Everything you need to know

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