How Storytelling Can Change Your Online Teaching Game?

May 28, 2021

As our young students today are confronting numerous changes in their home and school life, online stories permit them to escape into different worlds or to observe and deal with their sentiments about their new, more restricted lives.

The art of storytelling is a focal piece of various societies throughout the world. They are abundant in language and offer heaps of tuning in and communicating opportunities. They also allow young students to seek more extensive themes like feelings, moralities, and social connections and assist them with understanding their surroundings.

As a teacher, you may be comfortable with telling stories while teaching in your classroom. However, you might also utilize your storytelling techniques when you are teaching online. Here are some ways in which storytelling can benefit your online teaching:

  • It helps you to connect with students

Storytelling is an excellent way to connect with students. If you have picture books at home, you can show the pages to younger students using your webcam. You can also use alternate free online resources. Moreover, you can employ screen sharing with learners as you read the story.

Pick short online stories of around 5 to 10 minutes, so learners don't lose their focus. Then again, spread longer stories over more than one chapter, giving learners pre-and post-listening assignments in the middle, such as composing a rundown of the last chapter's story or surmising what will occur in the following scene of the story.

Ensure you consider your students' language level when you pick stories. Stories with pictures will help to boost cognition, and you don't really need learners to comprehend each word. But, in cases where there are no pictures and the story incorporates loads of challenging language, it's a smart thought to pre-teach words or phrases that are important to learners' understanding.

Most importantly, remember e-learning platform should be fun for effective teachings, so attempt and select stories you feel your students will appreciate.

  • It gets students hooked to the subject

Students show more interest when they get to engage in fun activities. Show your students pictures via your webcam or by screen share, which illustrate a story, and engage your students by asking them to guess about the story's theme. Ask questions like, what characters could they think of? Genre of the story – adventure, sci-fi, or crime. You can also put on the calm background music or use sound effects accordingly – there are many free tunes available online. When you deliver your teachings in this manner, your students become occupied in the story.

  • It helps them to go beyond basic comprehension

While teaching online, when you change up the sorts of activity you do alongside the online stories by adding a lot of different assignments besides important basic questions, this practice becomes an excellent method to energize young students' creative mind, so why not get them to fabricate a different ending of the story, or retell the story from one specific character's perspective, or even draw a picture of at least one 'scenes' from the story. By using free online teaching software you can effectively create online courses and start online teaching.

  • Introducing and explaining the concept of a new topic becomes easier

Using a story to introduce a new topic toward the beginning of the chapter helps students grasp the new concept more easily. If you can't think about any relevant story quickly, you may track down some instant ones on the Internet that may fit your theme. Do understand that replicated material, regardless of whether it's written or verbal content, ought not to be utilized in its original form as you might be interfering with copyright rules.

As sometimes, straight figures and facts do not necessarily make it easier to understand the concept, so throw in a narrative to help your class learn these hard facts.

  • Enhances students' listening skills and attracts less motivated learners

As young individuals progress through their initial years, listening abilities become progressively significant. There could be no more terrific method to improve attention span and listening abilities than narrating stories to keep them receptive. Obviously, as valuable as storytelling is, the stories ought to be pertinent to the educational program material for students to receive actual benefits.

Numerous children these days have turned off traditional textbooks, and surprisingly, sitting behind a computer screen doesn't help a lot. In this case, storytelling with a valuable theme may draw in more disinterested students. These are the learners who you may draw in the most if you toss in a couple of exciting stories to keep them inspired.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas of how using stories online with your young students can lend you a successful teaching session. After all, everyone needs a little escapism in these difficult times. If you want to create and sell an online course, get connected to We are here to assist you in achieving a successful journey of online teaching.

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How Storytelling Can Change Your Online Teaching Game?

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