How to promote your Online Academy without investing a fortune?

May 04, 2021

“Any business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation.”

This holds true for an online academy as well. Unless you invest your efforts and time in marketing your offering, you won’t get any students on board. As a teacher who has spent so much time in research, content curation, recording, and editing of his/her online course, it is imperative to reduce marketing costs as much as possible.

You can indeed get students onboard without investing a fortune in marketing operations, but it will only get you so far. Before adopting the strategies listed below, it is advised to understand that some marketing cost is inevitable if you want to succeed faster than others.

In this competitive business environment, intelligent solutions and effective strategies supersede any kind of investment. You need to be quick, creative, and consistent if you want more students on board without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Ways to market your online academy to the prospective students:

Hang out where your target audience hangs out!

To build awareness and loyal relationships with your prospective students, be present where they are. For example, you are planning to teach financial modeling to college students. To gain some traction, you should employ channels that college students use. It could be LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook groups, etc. Be the one who initiates conversations and spreads knowledge about a particular subject of study. Interested people will get drawn to you on their own.

Search Engine Optimization

36% of SEO experts think the headline/title tag is the most critical SEO element. 69.7% of search queries contain four words or more. 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC.

These statistics clearly point to the immense advantage SEO holds in online marketing nowadays. Online marketing experts emphasize the importance of search engine optimization for taking your website on the first page and sustaining its ranking there. If you have an online academy, you won’t gain any competitive advantage without having a website. Having a helpful website is no longer an option; it’s a need.

Search Engine Optimization, as you may know, involves significantly less cost as the whole concept functions on quality content. Put your thinking caps on and write content that speaks directly to your target audience. Your target audience is more likely to discover your online course this way. Invest in white-hat SEO practices to boost your organic reach and gain more visitors to your landing page. Invest vast amounts of effort in getting more backlinks, referrals, quality content, attractive visuals, call-to-actions on your website to get more students on board.

Unleash the power of Social Media:

Nothing works better than social media nowadays. Over 3.6 billion people use social media globally, and the number is only projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. This increases the need to have a solid social media strategy in place for your online academy. There are a lot of social media platforms operating in the 21st century. It can be pretty intimidating at first, but the fact is that you don’t need to be active on all of them.

The platform you choose entirely depends on your target audience. If you have a course for teenagers, you might want to invest heavily in Instagram Marketing. If you have a class for homemakers, then you might want to consider Facebook for promotion.

To kill it at social media marketing, you need to know your audience well. Adapt your content according to their tone, and you will witness more reach. It is up to you whether you want to run paid ads on social media for your online academy, but if you have a solid content strategy going, no one can stop you from boosting your reach organically.

Ask your customers for reviews:

Testimonials work the best when it comes to the ed-tech sector. Especially in India, people rely on word of mouth and get attracted to your offering if you have had happy customers before. Most of your satisfied students would be willing to write a review on your website or social media handle, though you may also incentivize them to do the same. Testimonials help build your marketing collateral, and thus it is an integral part of unpaid marketing.

Be consistent

Imagine you are providing a course on finance. You talk about it in your blog, and people get drawn to it. But after a while, you stop writing blogs and posting on social media. What happens? People forget about you. Nowadays, it is challenging to get the attention of people. Attention is indeed an exiguous commodity, and consistency is the only thing that will help you get noticed. Be consistent in your social media efforts, give incentives to your first customers, continue giveaways, update your website regularly, try out new channels of communication every other month, and take follow-ups from your students without fail.

If your content is king, consistency is queen. Nothing beats consistency, not even persistence.

After reading the above hacks, you might get an idea of how marketing is not that expensive. It takes a lot of effort, but you ultimately reduce your costs if you do it right. If you’re still unsure about your marketing strategy, join helps you monetize your expertise in any field through online teaching. Once you are on board with us, we will take care of your marketing and sales division and reduce your costs by almost half. Start your online teaching journey today with

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How to promote your Online Academy without investing a fortune?

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May 04, 2021