How to launch an online course on Stock Trading?

Are you are planning to start a course on stock trading, With,  launch your online trading course in a matter of minutes and get global reach. Jun 08, 2021

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

One question you need to ask yourself before you declare yourself as “rich” is that is your money multiplying each day?

Now you may ask the hows and whys of it, but isn’t it interesting to know that one personal finance decision, i.e., investing, can revolutionarily impact your financial security and grow your wealth quickly?

You must have heard your grandparents or even parents talking about “stocks” or “stock trading.”

What are stocks? A stock or share is a financial instrument that represents a part of a company. So whenever you invest in a stock, you indirectly invest in a company. And as the company grows, the value of your purchase grows, and thus your money or wealth grows.

Stock Trading is a complex skill to crack if you’re looking for quality returns.

Did you know that the global stock market value is US $ 95 trillion? Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the intricacies of stock trading and thus end up losing their savings.

But, if you’re someone who is an expert in this field and looking to spread your knowledge through an online course, pat yourself on the back. Good job!

How get started?

Before you launch an online course, it is essential to do some market research on the topic. With respect to stock trading, try answering the following:

What are the major pain points of an investor who is a beginner? What is the age group you want to target? Is your target audience willing to take risks in the stock trading domain? What is your buyer persona? How much time is your target student ready to take out daily to learn stock trading? What is the psychology of newbie investors like? What types of analysis do you want your course to teach? What equipment and resources do you need? Once you have a list of questions with potential answers, your work becomes easy. In addition, a compilation of the answers helps you form a process, and the overall course preparation becomes more effortless.

What should one cover in a stock trading course?

No matter how much experience you have in the financial markets domain, it is necessary to teach fundamentals in the first few sections of your stock trading course. Ideally, your content should cover the full spectrum of market knowledge, from the basics of investing essentials to advanced options and technical analysis.

Here are some of the modules that can be included to enhance the overall utility of your course:

  • Basics of stock markets for beginners
  • Important terms to know before making your first trade
  • Best Demat and Trading accounts one can use
  • Types of charges in stock trading
  • Concept of the face value
  • What is dividend
  • Futures and Options trading
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Concept of charts and candlesticks
  • Best investment strategies to begin with

What to keep in mind while creating the online course?

There are some steps that people often skip while creating an online course. Some tips that you must follow while in the process are:

  1. Create a course outline
  2. Research the topic extensively
  3. Clearly define your course objectives in the beginning of the course
  4. Define who your course is for
  5. Include lots of e-books, assignments, quizzes, and online resources
  6. Form an online study community on platforms like Facebook, Quora, etc
  7. Keep your videos bite-sized to boost engagement
  8. Use high quality cameras and editing softwares
  9. Market your course well

How to market your course?

The marketing channels for your course depending on the audience you want to target. Let’s say you want to target school and college students. Using social media channels like Instagram and Twitter would be beneficial for you. It is preferred to use humor and moment marketing on these channels to boost your organic reach. You can also take the help of paid advertisements like Instagram ads and display adverts to increase conversions.

But, if you are planning to target homemakers and working professionals through your course, then Facebook marketing, LinkedIn ads, Email marketing, and Display adverts would take you a long way.

Thus, understanding the sentiment of your target audience, keeping in mind their demographics, will help you structure the marketing strategy for your online stock trading course.


If you are planning to start a course on stock trading, you are indirectly doing good to society. Lack of financial literacy has always been a pertinent issue in households, especially among women. Focusing on the quality of content and making it inclusive and comprehensive is the key to online courses. So often, one can get stuck in the loop of completing their course content better that they don’t get time for other operations like marketing, sales, copyright issue, contracts, or website management. does just that for you. With, you can launch your stock trading course in a matter of minutes and get global reach. We believe that delegation and outsourcing help transform every business, be it an online academy or a cloth store. That’s why, with, you need to focus on what you’re good at and stay rest assured. Our excellent features automate your processes and give you returns as expected.

So, what are you waiting for, you professional investor? Spread infinite financial knowledge to people in need through your very own online academy!

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Are you are planning to start a course on stock trading, With,  launch your online trading course in a matter of minutes and get global reach.

How to launch an online course on Stock Trading?

Are you are planning to start a course on stock tr...
Jun 08, 2021