How to Launch an Online Academy for Soft Skills Courses?

May 18, 2021

The popularity of online academies is going through a phase of gigantic development. The number of users taking online courses expanded by 24% somewhat recently. Also, these numbers are simply expected to climb. This energy, in any case, has not made the task of creating and launching an online course platform any less intimidating. Luckily, for individuals who want to begin their online course, the resources accessible today are huge.

In the age of online content creation, soft skill courses are getting quite popular. Soft skills include how you communicate with people around you, and your command of soft skills can sometimes either make or break your feat at a new job or an interview. The essential soft skills course syllabus includes a variety of social skills, such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and communication skills. It can also fill in some aspects of the job like problem-solving and time management.

Soft skills are important as employers often look for employees who possess these traits because these things are related to a good work ethic. Good command of soft skills will benefit you to incorporate with co-workers, show the expected skills to fulfill job tasks and do great at your job interviews in the first place.

5 Step for launching your own online soft skill academy:

If you are ready to build or start your own online soft skill course, here are the steps that guide you on how to create and launch an online course:

1) Select a soft skill niche for your online academy

You can create one or more interactive courses with the help of many available online courses creation software. You are allowed to create an individual course as well as a series of courses. Here are some topic that you can teach in your soft skills academy:

  • Teamwork

Teamwork prepares a person at the workplace to work efficiently with their co-workers regardless of his position, be ready and inclined to take and follow orders and fulfill one's leadership role. This soft skill makes a person a productive member of the team and organization.

  • Communication

This teaches learners to convey their thoughts and communicate their ideas with preciseness. This applies to writing as well as verbal communication. The training will involve writing a concise email that can highlight the fundamental points of the business strategy, conveying their concerns effectively in any business meetings.

  • Time Management

This soft skill focuses on setting priorities, meeting deadlines, and staying on-task. It trains learners to maintain their undivided attention on the task at hand and makes them capable of identifying and outlining every step needed to complete the task.

  • Critical Analysis

Critical analysis teaches all about compiling data and using that data to obtain the desired result. Learners learn to regulate and utilize data to get the most out of it and apply it to real-world settings.

  • Adaptability

This skill focuses on personal growth and flexibility. It helps learners to recognize their weak points, then put work to improve them and attain growth as an individual.

  • Problem Solving

This skill allows Individuals to perceive the problem from various angles and use previously learned knowledge to achieve a favorable solution. Learners get to practice ways to resolve conflicts, overcome issues that they encounter daily, and come up with a fresh approach to old problems.

2) Focus on one soft skill at a time

Documenting various skill sets into a single online training course may seem like an ideal approach, but it usually results in confusion among learners. Hence, It is best to work on just one soft skill at a time. This gives learners the chance to learn the desired skill in a short time conveniently. Make the 5-minute long online training course for a specific skill. Use online tools to explore the skills from different angles.

3) Relate soft skills virtual training to real world applications

Learners would be more motivated to learn their soft skills if they know it will aid them in the real world. It's a necessity to link virtual soft skills training to real-world applications. Use E-Learning strategies, provide real-world examples, and give them a clear understanding of when and how they will be utilizing the knowledge they have learned.

4) Engage with learners

Once you have prepared your soft skills course list, you will provide to your audience, stretch out, and connect with learners across the world via social media, email list, and networking events. Focus on your target audience and create a valuable and relevant piece of content to display on various social platforms. Once you start getting engagements from your audience, offer them an easy-to-perform curriculum, ask them to take part in the activities on virtual class and chat bar, try to keep them involved, turn them into your loyal learners.

5) Become more reachable

You can share a course outline mentioning the benefits and speciality of your online course by conducting pre-launch webinars, MOOCs etc.; you can give a glimpse of your teaching style by staging online training events to feed in the curiosity of your audience. You can leverage influencers to promote your course, make use of targeted advertising. Reach Your target audience on Social Media via Hashtags. Enable your audience to ask course-related queries such as questions about private and paid courses. The medium of delivering the course, i.e. audio or video, will or will not they get access to class recordings. Provide an overview of your content library.

If you have always desired to build and successfully launch your own online soft skills academy, now is the precise time to get started with your dream. is an online platform that can help you to meet all the necessities for launching your online course. Before you even realize it, you will be already on your path to success!

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