How to design a pre-sale strategy to ensure success for your online course?

May 15, 2021

"Core reasons for a successful launch of online courses: Unique content and Pre-sales"

Conducting a sound strategic pre-sell process can be very beneficial for your online course sales. Learning how to pre-sell your product is an essential step for your brand recognition. Presale strategy brings success for online courses and a great cash flow.

One can start pre-selling their product at any time prior to the official launch of the online product. Making your online course available for sale ahead of the launch date will enable consumers to sign up and pay for the course beforehand.

What is pre-selling of digital products?

Pre-selling a digital product allows you to market your product before its actual launch. In this process, the owner gives a deadline to his/her customers by which they need to purchase the respective online course if they wish to partake in it.

When you pre-sell your product, you offer your consumers a chance to be first to know all about your teaching plans in your online academy. Pre-sale also benefits you by landing you more time to create your course materials so that you can be fully available for marketing your product at the time of actual sales. Hence, It is a Win-Win situation for you.

Additional benefits of online pre-sales:

  • Creates momentum for your digital products.

  • Provides a secure cash flow.

  • Increases interest level among your consumers.

Elements of a successful pre-sale strategy:

1) Outline your course content

You can outline your course content on your pre-sale landing page. Your course will look organized, and each stage of your online course will be apparent to your audience. While outlining your course, you can add points like:

  • Topics that you'll cover.
  • Types of problems you'll solve.
  • Goals you'll be helping your audience in meeting.

Also, mention through which medium you will be teaching. For example, will your online course be text-based, or will you deliver your course through a recorded video, or host a live webinar, etc.

2) Highlight unique benefits of your course

List down the benefits in detail that your consumers will gain from your online course platform in bullet points. Make sure to highlight the uniqueness of your expertise and what qualities differentiate your online course from the rest of the other courses. Figure out what your target audience is looking for and offer to meet their requirements.

3) Develop a pre-sale page

Every online product needs an engaging pre-sale page that can convert visitors into buyers. As you have less than a minute to convince a user to click on the "purchase" button, ensure you spend that time wisely. A few components are mentioned below that a good sales page has:

  • Use of strong headline:

A strong headline can make visitors stay on the page for a longer time. Headlines should be short and clear to the point, must identify a problem and solution, should be emotion-provoking.

  • A brief overview of your content:

A short overview of your course content should contain benefits, the use of action verbs, and the language and tone that your audience will appreciate.

  • A compelling call to action:

The call to action is the "wow factor" that can make users pre-order your online course.

4) Proceed with an email campaign

This is one of the best tips for online promotion of your course. Launching an email campaign will create a buzz among your subscribers regarding your new course; this will secure a consumer base before the actual launch. In this email, you can mention:

  • Earlier outlined benefits.
  • Compelling Reasons to use your course.
  • Call to action similar to your sales page.

Make use of effective email campaigns as the steps to a successful pre-sale through email, such as:

  • * Reminder email

It is the same as your pre-launch email, but it has to mention urgency and deliver the message that the deadline for signing up is approaching soon.

  • Last-chance email

Mention that the course is a one-time opportunity and interested customers should take the chance now. The little time left to sign up should be made clear in the Last-chance email.

5) Create a blog post

Writing a blog post about your online course pre-sale can generate an anticipation among your subscribers who haven't signed up for joining your email list yet. The blog offers you a chance to give out essential details in an expressive and more convincing way which you cannot do by writing on your short email or sales page. Don't forget to describe the benefits of your online course, and at the end, add a call to action.

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