How Can You Build Podcast Courses For Your Academy

Apr 30, 2021

Podcasts are for everyone. They are a great way to engage your audience without the distractions of visual pleasure. If you have been looking for diversifying the reach to your students, then podcasts are definitely a credible option.

Before diving into the nitty-gritties of building a podcast, let’s briefly dig into why podcasts have emerged as an incredible option to take your reach to the desired audience and what benefits they entail.

How podcast can Enhance the E- Learning Experience for your Students?

Let’s keep the game simple and learn about podcasts in layman’s terms. You have seen videos on various social media platforms, right! Similarly, podcasts are a medium that allows you to connect and reach out to your audience via audio format. The way you record a video, a podcast is recorded in the same manner. And the best part is, if you are conscious to appear in front of an audience, podcasts help you to reach out without even facing a camera.

Hence, being digital gives you an edge to connect with your students via different appealing mediums. Therefore, creating a podcast course would certainly oomph up your presence and would result in better outcomes.

Podcasting is the medium where you need to be:

As we have understood the basic meaning of podcast, let’s now delve into how this is the next big thing happening and why you need to be here. Podcasting has silently emerged as the dark horse of the digital race. Digital creators have found their solace in podcasting as it allows one to warrant their audience’s unhindered attention.

This feature makes podcasting a noble platform to host a course on. It is one such medium that creates a direct contact between the speaker and the listeners. Therefore, take charge and elevate your online academy to the next level with

Building a Course through Podcasting:

Sounds exciting? Yes, podcasting is indeed a unique way to engage your audience. Therefore, before further ado, let us dive into how you can build podcasts for your courses:

Assess the requirements of your audience:

Now that you have been offering classes to your students, you must have encircled their needs and expectations as they will guide you through the entire process. Getting a hold on what your audience demands is the key to building a loyal following. Therefore, critically analyze the prospects of your podcast course and how such a course will enable you to serve your students in a better way.

Get a hold on the required equipment:

The next task cut out for you is to gather all that is required in creating a podcast. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that a podcast is one such medium that requires the bare minimum equipment. If you have a phone with a recording facility, a microphone, and an editing software, then you are pretty much sorted.

Yes, the basic things required for creating a podcast are:

✔ A quiet place, with negligible noise

✔ A recording device

✔ A microphone

✔ An editing software

✔ A platform to upload your podcast on (just kidding, allows you to upload your podcasts as a part of your courses and modules)

Getting started with the Podcasting Process:

Now that you have ensured all the basic requirements are by your side.The next step is to getting started with the recording session. Choose a time and place where you will be comfortable. Prepare a script as what you will be talking about in your podcast as it will help you to remain focussed and avoid digression.

Start with a topic which you are confident that your audience will be interested in. Record your podcast (here you need to make sure that you are speaking in a microphone as poor quality of podcast will act as a repellent factor).

Once, the recording is done, edit your audio file using an editing software. Do not get worried as there are plenty of good editing platforms that let you edit audio files at absolutely zero cost. Therefore, edit your audio before getting them uploaded on your website.

Upload and Start your Podcasting Journey: As you have created your podcast, now is the time to upload it and hit the publish button. Choose the right platforms for your podcast as they will play a critical role in making your podcasts successful.

When you choose as your host, it provides you with an incredible option to upload podcasts as part of your course. This way , your students will be able to easily access the podcasts. Hence, with, you just have to work on creating podcasts for your courses and the rest is taken care of by us.

Let this exciting journey begin and enrich the learning experience for your students by creating some wonderful podcasts.

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