Homemaker? How can you setup your online academy

Apr 12, 2021

As we enter the 21st century, we can notice a gradual evolution in the way we learn and teach. E-learning is becoming the new normal for people. An industry that was already dominating the education world was pushed to the roof by the unforeseen pandemic. A decade ago, a market that was not even imagined is now close to becoming an industry worth $300 Billion in the coming years. This has brought forward the concept of online teaching, which doesn’t require any certificate for approval. This means that anyone with specific expertise can start their online academy. Due to this rapid increase, many homemakers and housewives are coming forward to create their hobby academy.

If you are a homemaker who wants to start their online course, which can be about a hobby like cooking, dancing, painting, etc. can now do it by following our simple guide. That’s not all, if you don’t have any such expertise, you can start a course where you tell people how to manage their home in a better way. There are tons of people who are doing the same to generate a passive income source for themselves. If you are worried about “how can I set up my online academy,” rest assured, we are here to tell you just that. So, in this article, we will guide a homemaker on how to start their very own online academy.

How to create recorded content for your academy?

Choose a Subject:

Assuming that you are a non-working homemaker, there are many options that you can choose from. Many homemakers have created online courses about managing a family. In case you have specific expertise or a hobby like gardening, photography, sewing, etc., you can make it the subject of your online academy.

Research states that when people teach something they enjoy, it increases a learner's engagement by almost 60%. So, choose a subject you will enjoy teaching online, and move to the next step.

Creating Content for your Subject:

Now comes the crucial part; creating content is one of the trickiest things you will encounter. But, to make it simpler, we have divided it into two parts.


Start by researching the subject you chose. You can search about what people are doing in their course, or you can go to a community and ask what they would like to learn in the subject you chose. Make sure your content is niche-focused.

For example, If you are starting a hobby academy related to cooking, instead of choosing “how to cook online,” select a particular recipe like “How to cook fish.”

Take a Note:

Taking notes is even more important than researching. This will let you make actionable points that you can work upon after your research is complete.

Summing up your Content:

Once you have all the notes ready, start by organizing them in a sequence. Try to make it easy to understand and permanently mark priority. Once you have everything ready, go through your course of action once again before finalizing.

Filming and Recording:

Making an excellent, engaging online course requires optimum quality. Research by professionals suggests that people share twice the amount of good quality content when compared to good content with bad quality.

Make a Script:

You can also do this whole organizing the side of your notes by the side. Try to make it broader so that you can cover important information about your subject. Your script should contain at least 60% of the things you want to showcase in your online course.

Film your Course:

Once the script is ready, rehearse it before filming. There are multiple options for filming. You can do it via your mobile phone, or you can hire a professional for help. This choice mainly depends on the subject you choose. In case you are thinking about starting a cooking academy. Hiring professionals will help you create high-quality content.

Planning and Pricing

Online learning is popular due to its detailed disclosure about price and duration. This helps the student identify the type of content they will get.

Course Duration:

The duration of your course can vary depending upon your selected niche. But, make sure it is neither too long nor too short.


Once you are done with that, you have to decide which students will pay to watch you. Pricing can be tricky; try not to be too greedy in your first course. Competitive pricing will help you get more students but make sure you are not taking too much loss.

Deploy your Online Academy:

With that, your course is ready for deployment. All you have to do is select a medium for its incubation. You can either make your website through which you will attract customers. You can also choose a well-established e-learning platform that already has a substantial audience of its own.

Benefits of using an established Platform:

Better Audience:A good e-learning platform already has millions of registered students who use it for accessing online courses.

Cost Efficient: Creating a website from scratch can be very costly if you are starting. Whereas listing your academy on a portal will save you a lot of money you can spend on high-quality production.

Beginner’s advantage:A beginner has to face a lot of trouble if they are new to this industry. Choosing a good platform will help you make your way through the crowd. They will not only support you but also help in making your online academy more attractive.

Run Marketing Campaigns:

In case you are unaware of marketing, follow some of our tips. An excellent way to start your marketing campaign is by creating a short video along with all the details of your course. Make sure this video informs people what they can achieve after completing your course. Be sure to present it as a story so that viewers get attracted to your online academy. Once the video is ready, optimize it to deploy it to the powerful marketing funnels.

The marketing funnel involves a process of attracting a targeted audience to enroll in your course. There are many ways you can use to market your course depending on your advertising budget.

Using our recommended E-learning Platform:

We have guided you through the entire process of setting up your online academy from scratch. But we know how hard it is to choose a reliable platform that offers value for money. Academical.ly is one such platform that will provide you with a global audience and provide you with the latest facilities. Setting up your online academy Academically is very easy. You also get features like designing, payment solutions, marketing support, and whatnot.

That was all in our guide on how a homemaker can set up their online academy. After following our guidelines, any homemaker or housewife will be able to create their online academy.

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