Five stages of creating an online course

Here is the step-by-step guide to starting your own online course, and gain the right audience for your online academy. Learn More Jun 18, 2021

Do you remember the last time you taught in a physical classroom, surrounded by your students? It feels like years ago, right?

A state of turmoil has been created as covid 19 hits hard around the world. The face of most professions have changed significantly. People are now adapting to newer and safer ways to complete their daily hustle. From the Supreme Court hearings to your maths lecture, all have been transported to online platforms. From never knowing the name ZOOM to speaking it twenty times a day, technology indubitably grew on us all.

While other professions took notable time to convert their functionality online, teaching was the first one to respond to this call. Throughout the world, hundreds and thousands of students and teachers took to their laptops for learning and training.Many believe that it has actually made lives easier for teachers who are new in the field of teaching and are looking to start their own institution or academy. The investment in these cases is exceptionally low and teachers can reach a larger number of students.

When you think of starting your own online course there might be a string of questions that come to your mind like - “How exactly do I design the courses?”, “How do I monetise it?”, “What is the adequate platform I should use to launch my online course?”, “Is it safe to start an online course and put my content out there?"

All these questions are completely justified. Knowing all the nuances before starting something new is crucial if you want to find the gateway to success.

Stages you need to go through for creating a successful online course and gain potential audience!

  • Stage 1 : Validate your idea

Before you go out to shop for a new item, you think beforehand as to what item do you want to purchase? Which store will you purchase it from? How much would you spend? Who would you take along?

Similarly before starting an online course, a clear map of your ideas is exceptionally important. You can’t jump from the cock to the donkey. You need a singular topic that you believe in and are willing to work on.

  • Stage 2 : Ensuring that your idea has high market demand

Raise your hand if you want to spend weeks of your life creating an online course that nobody will ever view or benefit from? Surely you wouldn't want that for yourself.

Knowing who your audience is, is extremely important. Choosing the right idea that is in demand is crucial for making your online course a success.

  • Stage 3: Create compelling learning outcomes

Nobody wants to spend their money on something that will be useless and non-profitable. For selling your course you need to tell people what your course is really about , how it will help them and what they will learn at the end of the course.

People often look for certifications that can validate their hard work. So designing a proper learning and testing plan is also important.

  • Stage 4: Content creation and effective delivery

Now that you have established what your course will be about and what audience you’re targeting, we come to the third and the most important stage that is content creation. There are hundreds and thousands of creators who produce content on your topic of choice everyday but what will set you apart from them is the material that you generate and the way you generate it. Nobody wants to read monotonous notes and see videos full of statistics and theory. What people are looking for is engaging and catchy content with interesting graphic effects that will make learning interesting.

  • Stage 5: Finding a platform to launch your online course

Now that you have successfully completed the above steps,it's finally time to launch your own course. But how do you do that? Do you have to be a computer buff to launch an online course? The answer to these questions is no. All you need to do is find a platform that provides you with the correct tools to launch your course and gain an audience. is one such platform that allows you to launch your own online course by setting up your academy.

Now that you have your step by step guide to starting your own online course, what are you waiting for! Start creating your course today and help millions of people.

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Here is the step-by-step guide to starting your own online course, and gain the right audience for your online academy. Learn More

Five stages of creating an online course

Do you remember the last time you taught in a p...

Jun 18, 2021