Importance of e-learning content in establishing online academy

Mar 12, 2021

As an online instructor, you want your courses to be top-notch that catches your learners’ attention and engages them to provide a learning experience. In the past few years, technology has developed and created an online course that doesn’t require advances in software and costly equipment. You can design a perfect online by putting in less time and money, given the tools for e-learning content available in the market.

Before we dive into the article, it’s essential to know for everyone who wants to teach online that you can start anywhere. You don’t require professional equipment, custom lighting or expensive setups. Most of the successful course creators started with pretty basic stuff, and once they started earning, they save to buy higher quality equipment. You can always circle back and re-record content for your course. But the first step is to start wherever you are, publish it on an online course platform and get feedback from your students.

After researching what creators are using in 2021 and the most popular and established players in the arena, here is a compiled list of tools for E-learning content that can help you teach online. The recommendations have been clubbed into specific categories, and you may or mayn’t require all of them.

Best Tools for Creating E-learning Content

Authoring Tool

An eLearning authoring tool is sometimes all you need to host your work on an online course platform. A content authoring tool helps you produce digital online content, including text, quizzes, presentations, videos, etc. Thus, an authoring tool is a medium to deliver online courses by adding various media and content types. As a beginner, you would require tools that allow you to experiment without getting lost in the documentation, so here is a list of the best of them.

For beginners,

a. Elucidat b. Camtasia c. Gomo d. Easy Generator

For instructional designers:

a. Articulate Storyline 360 b. Articulate Rise 350 c. Lectora Online d. Adobe Captivate e. Active Presenter

OpenSource Tools for your Online Academy:

a. Adapt b. H5P


You might think that this is not worth spending on, but headphones come handy during editing as it helps you listen to what has been said clearly. When you are co-creating a course or taking someone’s interview, it is recommended to listen through your headphones and speak into the microphone for a better experience. Here are a few recommendations:

a. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones b. Sennheiser HD 202 Professional Headphones


A good microphone is essential when you use voice over screen sharing. Your content quality might suffer if the audio quality is low. Thus, invest in the best microphone in your budget and avoid using the in-built microphones. You can use a condenser or dynamic microphone as per your requirement. If you are recording live videos, you can use a lavalier microphone as they can be clipped to your shirt, leaving your hands free. To increase the audio quality, microphone accessories are available, such as foam ball and shock mount, that you can buy as per need. Recommended microphones:

a. Blue Yeti b. Samson Meteor c. Stony-Edge Mobile Condenser Lapel

Video Recorder

To provide a more classroom-like experience, some course creators record their live classes for online course platform. It is possible by a webcam or even your mobile phone (iPhones) but investing in a digital camera is wise if you look for higher video quality. Here are a few recommendations:

a. Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera b. Nikon D810 DSLR FX-Format Camera

Screen Recorder

If you want to include slides shows with a voice-over in your course or demonstrate how a particular application works, you need a screen recorder. For technical creators who have software related courses, this is the only requirement, along with headphones and a microphone. Popular screen recorders are ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Screencast-o-Matic.

Video and Audio Editor

Editing is more important than production. Once you are done recording your content, you need to cut short or edit it to make it crisp and exciting before putting it on your online academy. This can be done with the help of a professional or even by yourself using:

a. iMovie b. Audacity c. Adobe Premier Pro

Optional Accessories

To maximise the quality of your recordings and to ease the process, you might need some add-ons like:

a. Tripod b. Ring Light c. Wireless Pointer d. Light Kit


As a creator, your priority should be creating valuable content. All of the things mentioned above are a medium to reach out to your learners. But is it enough? No. You have put in a lot of time and effort to create the best course of your ability. Next, you need an online course platform like, which will publish your content and help your online academy’s revenue soar high!

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