Benefits of writing blogs for your Online Academy

From boosting your SEO to finding new students, blogging expedites the growth of your online learning business and makes it more discoverable. Jun 11, 2021

It goes without saying that marketing can make or break your business. Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running an online academy or selling clothes through a physical store; your reputation matters the most. There is one question that both small and big online academy owners often ask.

How can I make sure that people think highly of my brand?

The answer is simple.By forming relations. But how can one form relations?

By initiating conversations through both online and offline mediums.

Blogging as a medium:

Blogging is one such medium. Blogging refers to publishing content, visuals, and other media through online mediums, often websites. It is interesting to note that blogging was initially an opportunity for people to write their individual journal entries. But over the years, it has evolved so much that it is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools businesses can have.

The content of blogs varies significantly from one business to another. For example, a travel agency may feature visuals and content related to top places of visit, whereas an online academy may post educational content for prospective students. It all depends on the niche.

The most unreal part of having a blog for your business is that it helps in your marketing and becomes a business of itself. Yes. You can earn well if you have a blog with decent traffic.

Blogging for an Online Academy:

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of blogging for an online academy business. Ed-tech is a very lucrative field of business in the 21st century. The statistics speak for themselves.

  • The global online learning industry has grown by 900% since its birth.
  • Since its inception, the online learning market fact suggests that by 2025 it will hit the $325 billion mark.

These numbers also imply that the competition is likely to increase exponentially too. This means that brands need to differentiate themselves and stand out in this race to become people’s choice. One such differentiating factor can be a well-maintained blog.

From boosting your SEO to finding new students, blogging helps grow your online learning business to great heights. It can also help provide a better customer experience and foster engagement with key concepts covered in your course. Let’s now understand the main benefits of writing blogs for your online academy.

Benefits of Blogging for an Online Learning Business:

The significant benefits of infusing a blog into your online marketing strategy are:

  • A blog can help you attract new students to your online course

It goes without saying that blogging can help your brand become discoverable and generate more awareness about your services. If you post about something consistently, your potential students might consider your online academy trustworthy and apply for your courses. Helpful and accurate content builds credibility in the long run.

  • It helps you build your reputation in a specific field of study

More than helping to build a rapport with your customers, blogging enables you to emerge as an industry leader and build your reputation in a specific field of study.

  • Blogging helps you strengthen relationships with both new and existing customers

As mentioned earlier, blogging is a great way to initiate conversations with both new and existing customers. It helps connect people to your brand and develop relationships with them. What is possible with blogging is not possible with any other inbound or outbound marketing strategy.

  • It boosts your SEO to another level

All search engines love relevant, long, and fresh content on their platforms. Blogging is one way to improve your search engine rankings quickly. When your online academy creates content, it regularly provides a new perspective to search engines to index. This also allows you to insert keywords at strategic places so that your academy helps find answers to people’s queries.

  • Blogging generates alternate income for your business

It is surprising to know that blogging is a form of earning revenue for many small businesses. You can use methods like advertising and affiliate marketing to generate income out of your blog. However, this can only become successful if you have decent traffic on your blog.


Writing winning blogs for your online academy can be tricky if you skip crucial steps like research and statistics. However, it is essential to write quality blogs that make an impact rather than just posting bland content for the sake of consistency.

Here are specific tips that you can follow before and while writing a blog-

  • Define goals and objectives of the topic
  • Understand what audience are you targeting
  • Define the tone and context of the topic
  • Provide a lot of statistics to prove your point
  • Do thorough keyword research to make sure your blog is search-friendly
  • Research and find information from a variety of resources
  • Provide clear call-to-action at the end to enable conversions

As mentioned earlier, blogging can make your business more discoverable and grow exponentially. But first, you need to ace the whole build-up of your online academy. However, the initial phases of it can be extremely daunting.

We at help you with just that. With, you can monetize your passion without worrying about secondary functions like copyright protection, contracts, agreements, marketing tools, sales funnel, and others. Just care about your content and delivery, and we will take care of your growth.

So, what are you waiting for?

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From boosting your SEO to finding new students, blogging expedites the growth of your online learning business and makes it more discoverable.

Benefits of writing blogs for your Online Academy

It goes without saying that marketing can make...

Jun 11, 2021