Online teaching: Everything you need to Know

Nov 27, 2020

Online teaching has recently come into limelight. Unlike a typical classroom experience, an online teaching experience consists of a variety of computer-assisted teaching procedures that require specific computer resources and software. Prior to discussing some of the best advantages of online teaching, let's address the two main forms of online teaching.

Forms of Teaching Online

There are mainly two forms of teaching online:

  • Synchronous: A real-time online teaching experience requires this form of teaching. This entails time oriented periods where both the instructor and the student have to be present virtually at a particular moment in time, such as online classes led by the teacher.

  • Asynchronous: In this form, courses are not performed in the actual time period, not like the one explained earlier. It ensures that the contact between the teacher and student will take place according to their convenience. An excellent example of such teaching is documented in training sessions.

Advantages of teaching online and making money

  • The Convenience of time and place: A teacher can decide to educate at any given time that's comfortable for him or her. Online teaching is a blessing, mainly for industry workers and work from home people, where sessions can be conducted in the afternoons or off days. In comparison to conventional classroom education, where an instructor has to drive all the way to a coaching center/institute to take lessons, there is no waste of time. Also, regardless of the students' location, the instructor can teach from anywhere. This means that through online teaching, teachers and students from different backgrounds will interact together.
  • Convenience: Online learning does not entail any overhead travel. When sitting at home, a teacher should teach correctly. Online teaching may, therefore, be viewed with flexible schedules as a job from home.
  • Opportunities: An educational atmosphere without any time and place limitations paves the way for teachers' substantially more opportunities than conventional teaching in the classroom. Education via an online medium allows the teacher the opportunity, without any overhead, to communicate with students located in different geographical locations. This offers comparatively more significant opportunities for teachers to teach.
  • Administration: Online training also leads to better management. In a conventional classroom, one can easily picture the logistical difficulties facing teachers than when teaching online. An instructor need not keep an account of most of the students, unlikely classroom education. This lowers administrative overhead while enhancing a teacher's focus and efficiency.
  • Student participation: Online educators report that more engagement between the student and the teacher is included in online teaching. Instead of several students' attention in a class, a virtual medium gives them a more personal interactive session with the tutors. In addition, hesitating and low participating students who are not comfortable engaging in class group chats are more likely to contribute in an online classroom.
  • Professional Satisfaction: An online teacher is professionally happy, provided all the primary benefits of online education, such as accessibility, comfort, ease of access and sharing, etc. As online teaching has produced a change in the teaching industry, it could be an excellent advantage for any teacher to be a member of it.

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