Must Know - How to engage students in online learning

Apr 19, 2021

Imagine being cooped up in a room all by yourself, staring at a screen and listening to someone with absolute disinterest. Will you be looking forward to such an experience again? Hell no, right! And we are sure that you definitely do not want your students to go through such an ordeal.

If you are an online educator or a digital course creator, you will find resonance in the sentiment that the prominent challenges e-learning brings to the surface are - one, to retain student attention, and two, enhance engaged learning.Before digging our heels into these challenges, let’s momentarily look at why student engagement is crucial when it comes to online mode of learning.The conventional mode of teaching allows one to personally monitor the students and their activity. However, with digital learning, an instructor feels restricted when it comes to keeping students engaged and motivated.

Why Student Engagement Becomes Imperative in e-learning?

Well, we are sure that this legit question must have crossed your mind sometime. And here’s your answer. In online learning, active student engagement is crucial to determine their progress which eventually is an elementary factor for the success of any course.

And therefore, offers distinct features for you to make your courses highly engaging and provides a full-fledged dashboard to monitor your students’ progress.

Being on a digital platform, certainly gives one leverage to provide flexibility and comfort. However, it does not come without its unique challenges. As the e-learning business has gained traction, one critical issue which makes many online instructors and teachers wary is how to keep the students engaged, interested, and eager.

If you are also grappling with similar issues and are looking for the best practices that might help you succeed in arresting students’ attention then consider your wish granted.

We have curated a list of top three strategies that will work like a charm in giving a boost to student engagement and would elevate the learning experience for your students.

  • Ignite the excitement from the very start:

The day a student enrolls themself in your course, is when you hit the spot. Do not keep things delayed for the coming days. Remember, digital is extremely dynamic. Therefore, before losing out on the steam, make sure that you have charged up your students well.

Yes, we are coming to it. You can do it either by welcoming them with a video where you share a personal experience that your students might find relevant. Another way to ensure that you are maintaining the thrill is by making them aware at different instances that now they are a part of the amazing journey, either by dropping them a mail or tagging them on your social media platforms.

Excitement is temporary but its realisation is what leaves an impact. And you have to make your students realise how beneficial the course could be for them, and this will be a catalyst in order to keep them motivated and interested throughout.

  • Build a rapport with interpersonal interactions:

No, we completely understand that building a bonhomie with your students through digital medium sounds like a utopia. But trust us, it is possible. Once you crack the code of establishing a personal relationship with your students, there is no stopping you.

But again, the question that remains is - how? Though the answer to this question lies with you more than it does with us still we will certainly help you find it. The first move you could make in order to strike that chord is by beginning your course with a small introductory session where you engage your students in getting to know each other well.

Once the ice breaks, you yourself will feel confident that your students will make it through successfully.

Another way to build upon the relationship is by showing them a different side of your life. This can very well be achieved through smart use of social media. Remember, social media is not primarily for you to promote your brand, instead it must be utilized appropriately as a space where you build trust in your audience. Give them a little peek inside your life, show them that you are more than just an instructor, engage them in different conversations and see the magic.

  • Expose your students to the art of learning:

The most common reason behind the fallout of any course or a high number of student withdrawal is that everyone wants a quick outcome and when they fail to achieve it, the interest dozes off. Therefore, being an instructor or a teacher, the first duty call is to make your students aware about the process of learning and its fundamental value.

Since we often fail to make students open to the journey of learning, we lose them somewhere in the process. Hence, talk about the importance of learning and how to retain it.

Once students are aware about the importance of the learning process and how crucial it is to learn something with dedication, it will be much easier for you to keep them engaged.

To sum up, it is all about making the learning experience an overall success. There are no shortcuts to student engagement. If you want to gain success that lasts long, start from the very beginning. Give your students that push at every milestone, be there for them, make them feel important and valuable. At the end, we all are looking for someone to guide us, and if you could be that light to someone, then your job is rightly done.

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Must Know - How to engage students in online learning

Imagine being cooped up in a room all by yourse...

Apr 19, 2021