Accelerator Program for Educators

Earn benefits worth $1500+

We commit to providing the following benefits worth $1500 plus to the selected entries. These benefits will help people set up and promote their online academy in no time, and within a few weeks, the academy should be able to generate sales.

Premium plan at no cost

You get free access to our Premium plan for six months*. Unlimited courses and Multi-Academy-Network access make this plan really popular.

Set-up & launch support

Our experts will help you fly past the early hassles of setting up an online academy and all the supporting applications/processes needed to run such an online business.

Beautification & content creation support

We are dedicated to fetch the best response to your online academy. We will also provide high quality reusable stock images to ensure good aesthetics. Our content experts will be guiding you through the best practices of quality content generation.

Marketing services support

Free digital marketing package for three months, where almost all of your basic digital marketing needs as a new organization will be covered by our growth hackers. Advertisement spend is excluded.

Attractive rewards for milesstone

We will reward major milestones achieved by the academies, like first sale, first training event etc. We also run a very attractive referral program.

Help you drive growth & scale

We’ll work together on your business and product strategy, growth metrics and future plans to ensure you get all the assistance to make your academy a successful online business.

Let's get you started on our accelerator program!

Have Questions? We are here to help.

What is ""?

Academically is a B2B SaaS that enables people to monetize their expertise by launching their own e-learning academy. It helps launch the academy, bringing the content to the academy & scaling up the business.
With Academically, anyone can not just launch their own online e-learning academy within minutes but also allow educators to partner with hundreds of other creators globally with few clicks for cross-selling their content through Multi-Academy Network (MAN). MAN enables creators to expand quickly without risking the copyright, revenue, & other contract-related issues—all being taken care of by the platform.

What is "'s Accelerator program for Educators"?'s Accelerator program for Educators is an accelerator program for educators worldwide to accelerate the launch & scale of their e-learning academy. The core idea is to hand-hold the selected individuals to cross all the hurdles in setting up, marketing & scale up the e-learning business of their own, without worrying about the initial expenses, technical, marketing & creative challenges; using our decades of combined experience of running successful online e-learning businesses.
With this accelerator program, we are committed to helping educators maximize the output of their efforts related to e-learning academy.

Why should I join this accelerator program?

If you want to accelerate your academy launch & growth to a good monthly revenue with our experts' help & without much financial investment of your own, you must join this program.
We will provide step-by-step guidance, encouragement, and reinforcement to the selected people, ensuring that they have all that it takes to build a successful online academy. In addition to this, we give benefits worth $1500+, which also includes free access to Academically premium plan, digital marketing package, and business consulting package.

What do I need to join the accelerator program?

You only need a deep interest in an online learning/education business and motivation. Start an Academy on and apply for the accelerator program here Selected entries will get step by step guidance from our experts to build and run an online academy.

What's in it for you? What do you want in return?

We are passionate about building the platform for everyone to launch & scale their online e-learning business. While helping you & with your inputs & by making you successful, we will be able to make the platform perfect for everyone all over the globe. That's our ultimate goal. We will need your constant input like feedback, bug reports & some patience to perfect this platform for everyone. That's our fees you can say for the first six months.

What will happen after six months?

We are motivated to help you generate as much revenue as possible through your online teaching business. Once you have started generating more than $275 Per month or graduate from the accelerator program, whichever is earlier, we would expect you to pay for our premium plan (which is helping you generate the revenue or run your entire business). The premium plan is around $99/Month or INR 7200/Month. It will be your investment after your business is set up & running smoothly. A lot goes into building such a platform helping the masses lead their dream path of having their online academy. This fee is to cover our employees' cost, platform cost & company's other expenses.

Looks like a good proposition, what you need from my side?

We want you to start your academy asap. Please fill this form for us to process your application.
We will need your active participation from now onwards to make your online business successful. You can tell us your best available time & slots to connect with you whenever required. We will organize the regular demos of the platform to help you understand how to set up your academy, tutorial, or webinars on how to buy a domain, how to register the payment gateways account, best ways to generate the learning content, what to price, how to sell how to market & much more. Just make sure you open our emails & take suitable actions to make progress.

Who all are eligible for this program?

Anyone across the globe, who wishes to start an online academy in any field and also has the skills to do it with the help of our experts.

I already have an online academy. What are the benefits to me?

Academically is the result of decades of cumulative experience of running online academies successfully. In addition to all the features to make academies successful, it also provides unique and innovative features like Multi-Academy-Network, which takes collaboration with other academies to a whole new level. We also run attractive offers for migrating to our platform. In addition to these, our expert teams can help you in content creation, marketing, and scaling the business.

*Are there any conditions on the free benefits offered by Academically?

The free benefits are offered for up to six months. These are given to stop you from worrying about expenses when you are not generating academy revenue. Once you start generating revenue to cover the costs, it will be only fair for us to start charging you fees for the platform and services used. Please be assured that we will not abruptly start charging you any amount without your confirmation.

I have never taught online but I want to. Can I still join?

YES! There is always a first time for everything. Our experts will guide you through the path.

I teach in non-english language can I still join?

YES! Academically is supported in multiple languages, and the list is growing every day. We plan to be able to support the academies in all the major languages of the world.