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You Create and We commit to make it available everywhere!
You are the Owner of your content. And we help you to Sell your content online. You focus on creating excellent content and we take care of your online content delivery platform, copyrights, contracts, sales & commission distribution and all other hassles. You just create content and make money.
Remember, you can disable anytime you feel unsatisfied.

Setting Up Is Easy And Fast

Set up a highly SEO friendly, ultra-fast online digital academy or school in a few minutes.

Add Your Content With Just A Click

Add your gallery of content through other academies or your own content with a few clicks.

Manage Hasslefree Payments

Add your own payment gateway, start providing your content for sale, and get your money in your account.

Save efforts & time. Launch faster.

Collaborate With Other Academies

Engage with other content creators and set up an academy with holistic content which serves a wide audience.

Set up Your Own Payment Gateway

You should get your payment in your bank account directly. You are the creator, you own it, you get paid directly.

We Get Paid, When You Get Paid

Isn't it awesome? No fixed fee, no commitment. We get paid when you get your sale done.


Here's how we do things differently

We are democratizing the academic and learning content space though a peer-to-peer network of online academies. This network of academies gives you a chance to collaborate with anyone you want with a few clicks. We are the facilitators of seamless backend support and technology you need. Academically will take care of your contracts, commission, payouts, distribution, disputes, copyright issues and other hassles.
User Satisfaction
Academies In Use

Oh, yes we have some excellent academies on board. The academies are launched by content creators, subject matter experts, tech evangelists, and tech entrepreneurs. All have come under one roof, on one platform to exhibit academic and learning content for audiences worldwide.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council is the world's leading Blockchain Certification company, who are evangelizing Blockchain Research, Development, and Knowledge for the better world.

Tosh Academy

Tosh Academy is a brand new personal academy owned by a notable subject matter expert. This academy is successfully promoting and publicizing specified content in devoted fields.

Kopper Academy

Kopper Academy is Financial and Investment Strategies & Learning Academy. This academy provides avenues for people to upskill their Finance and Investment knowledge.

Check out how it works? How easy and fast it is to set up as well as manage an academy.

Customers Say

Some of the distinguished teachers, academicians, trainers have launched their academies with and are loving the whole academic learning experience. Check out what they have to say.
“Loved it. So fast & easy to use. My students love it too. Able to accelerate my sales from 10k to 100k in one month.”
Toshendra - Blockchain Expert
“Multi Academy Network is a powerful innovation helped me in serving more content to my students than what I had.”
Sanjeev Malhotra - Photography
“Democratizing the academic & learning content is the most important thing in current time. Education needs to be accessible & reachable. Congrats to the team for this mission.”
Manish - Developer

Choose Your Plan

That's the catch. There is no payment plan which you need since you don't have to pay anything upfront. Hence no credit card or payment required.


Per academy, per month
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Enrollments
  • Use your Own Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • 10% Commission On Every Sale

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